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a microschool
Mobile, AL


school away from home school

Tired of your child learning useless information just to pass tests?
Over homework taking away from your family time?
We are reimagining what education looks like.
We focus on whole child learning, not just academics.
Our well-balanced educational experience ignites curiosity, creativity,
problem-solving, FAITH, and the ability to ask good questions.



Frustrated or sad over what traditional school or homeschool may lack for your child? 
Looking for a better way?

We are the best of both worlds!

We spend a couple hours of the day on math, writing & reading, and the rest on whole child learning: character development, learning to love learning, being curious & creative, having fun, and enjoying childhood at its finest!

Our first Exhibition Night made it clear that our child is truly a part of something special. During the badge ceremony, the guide described each learner’s strengths and attributes before awarding them their badge and I was absolutely amazed that the other learners could identify each recipient before she actually announced them. All based on the positive way that she described them and the role they played in their classroom family! This told me all I needed to know about how the environment here is intentionally created and fostered. I am beyond grateful that my child gets to learn and grow there.


I love the learning environment and the encouragement each learner receives. I have watched my son develop a greater love of learning since starting here. He has also increased his communication skills and overall confidence in himself.


Enrolling our child here has been one of the best decisions we have ever made! She is absolutely thriving!



2344 Schillinger Rd S, 2C 
Mobile, AL 36695


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